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Shuffle Cats
EDIT: Hey guys, I just updated the charcter and added the cards on to it. I will be posting the concepts in my instagram so just go there for the updates. Just look up roggleart :)

Hey guys so behind my long disappearace, I have been working hard art directing this game. It's officially out now, so I will have more art posted here :)

Its been such a long time since i last posted. Give it a download and let me know what you think! It should be out in IOs tomorrow or in a few hours.
here's one of the press release. You can seem my in the background there haha…

Thanks again for your support guys!
Hello everyone!

It's been such a loooooooooong time! I apologise for the lack of updates. But here's one just to keep you guys informed.
First of all thanks for the support that you've been giving me, i could not thank you guys enough for it.

I have been going through a roller coaster ride with my work at the moment. It's all positive, but its been so stressful.
I've moved jobs and i am currently directing a game which is due to release very soon (April). As you know I now work for King, and the pressure is high!

I hope to post some work stuff here as soon as im allowed. But yeah been a bit stressful, running a team, and giving talks etc. Managerial work is tough I tell you that! But it's been a great experience. Been having some personal problems as well so just the icing on the cake if anything haha.

Future is looking bright though! I hope I can relax for a bit after the game is released. I strongly apologise to my clients as well, i havent tended to them in so long. In fact I havent logged in or checked deviant art for about 3 years now.

You can see some of my new stuff here:

Theyre all work material though. I have some ideas for personal projects so hopefully I can get on to that. I just need to iron a lot of things out for now.

Take care everyone, and see you soon!
(going to be going through the messeges! D:)



Rogie Custodio
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United Kingdom
"Art = 10% Talent, 90% Understanding"

    Name: - Rogie Custodio
    Nationality | Ethnicity: - British | Filipino
    Age: - 24 [06/07/89]
    H/W: - 5'8", 140 lbs
    Location: - Brighton | Bournemouth
    Occupation: - Animator | Illustrator | Art Enthusiast
    Studying: - [BAHons] Animation Production
    Tools: - Wacom Intuos4 | Right Handed
    Programs: - Photoshop CS6


    Normal Commission - CLOSED
    Sketch Commission - OPEN
    Collaborations - Not now
    Art Trades - Don't do them
    Request - Don't take any
    Kiriban - Don't do them


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